FCS Express Reader

More Testimonials

“Application support and accessibility to a network of FCS Express users has also been very useful in developing batch processing and production protocols.”

- David DiGiusto Ph.D.
Founding Director, Stanford Laboratory for Cell and Gene Medicine

What can I do with the Free FCS Express Reader?

  • See published analyses from the web
  • Completely re-analyze the data any way you want. All analysis capabilities of the FCS Express Plus version are available
  • Perform all the actions, including loading your own data, in the program that the publisher of the analysis has given you access to
  • Find templates and demos on the web from reagent suppliers to help get started with using their products

What can I NOT do with the Free FCS Express Reader?

  • You can only open published FCS Express Layouts.
  • You cannot load new data files into the layout after you have made modifications to the layout and saved it.

How can I download the Free FCS Express Reader?

Click on the Reader logo below for the operating system of choice to download the Reader installation program.

FCS Express Reader for PC - 32 Bit

FCS Express Reader for PC - 64 Bit

After you have installed the FCS Express Reader, run it one time. A wizard will appear to help you complete the setup.

After the setup is complete, you can simply enter a link to a published layout in your web browser, and FCS Express will automatically launch to allow you to view and modify the analysis.

* Note that if you are planning on using the reader for clinical layouts published in FCS Express 3, 4, or 5, we recommend that you download and use the appropriate version reader instead:

FCS Express 5 Reader 32 Bit

FCS Express 5 Reader 64 Bit

Version 3 Reader

What if I have a purchased version of FCS Express on my computer?

If you have a purchased version of FCS Express on your computer, FCS Express will attempt to use the purchased version when opening published layout files. If the published layout was created using a different version of FCS Express than you have (for instance, the published layout was created using FCS Express 6 Image Cytometry, and you are using FCS Express 6 Flow Cytometry, the FCS Express Reader will be used instead of your purchased version.