The Data List window allows you to look at the values of certain keywords, and to sort the list based on these keywords.


To select keywords to view:


1. Access the Data List using the Batch (or Data)→Organize Data Sets→Data List command.
2. Click on an appropriate entry in the Data List to let FCS Express know which keywords to display.
3. Click on the NewFormat (Format) button to bring up the Format File List dialog.
4. Click on Add. The Please select one or more keywords dialog will appear.
5. Click on a keyword to select it. To select more keywords, press Ctrl while you are clicking the mouse button.
6. Once you have selected all the keywords you would like to view, press OK.


The Data List will have a new column for each of the keywords that you selected (Figure 20.6).



Figure 20.6  Data List with Keyword Columns

Figure 20.6  Data List with Keyword Columns



By default, the Data List is sorted in alphabetical order based on data set name. To sort the data sets by other criteria, click on any column title. The list will be sorted based on the values in that column. Clicking on the title once will sort in ascending order; clicking on the title a second time will sort in descending order; clicking on the title a third time will return the list to the previous sort criteria.


You can also sort individual files (or groups of files) without clicking on the column titles. Click on a row in the list to select it, then press the NewUp (Up) button to move that file up in the list, or the NewDown (Down) button to move it down in the list. You can move several file rows at the same time by selecting them together using standard Windows techniques for selecting multiple objects (Shift-Click, Ctrl-Click), then pressing the NewUp or NewDown buttons.