FCS Express: Testimonials

FCS Express 4

"I would like to express my gratitude for all your support and for your great team. It's things like that that make your software better than others."

-Alexandre Bote Tronchoni Institut de Recerca Hospital Vall d'Hebron - UCTS

“You guys have the best customer service of ANY product I own.”

-David Grier Wake Forest School of Medicine

“I am just hanging out on your website going through the basic how-to webinar and when I see what the program can do I can only say “WOW”. I think your customer support is really great and I appreciate the recorded webinars that I can view to gain proficiency.”

-Suzanne Hickman, PhD. Laboratory for Neuroimmunology and Innate Immunity

"...you guys have ROCKIN support! Always quick, always helpful and always right on! Thanks!!!

- Bill Sargent, MT., A.S.C.P.
Flow Cytometry Department
CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories

"I manage a cellular immunology and flow cytometry core laboratory equipped with multiple flow cytometers and have been using FCS Express for over 10 years, since the release of the first version. As far as customer service and technical support, the staff at Denovo Software has done a wonderful job over the years of keeping the software up to date and is quick to respond to issues and provide solutions to any software problems. The best way I can describe FCS Version 4 is…it's the most intuitive and feature-rich flow cytometry analysis software program on the market. As a flow core manager, I feel it is one of the most valuable and straightforward analysis programs for new users to learn, and I encourage other core managers to give it a try. The new version capitalizes on the very familiar Microsoft Office organizational scheme – if you are familiar with Microsoft Office products, then learning the software will be significantly less time consuming than other analysis programs. Some of the new features in Version 4 that I find very useful, as well as increase productivity and efficiency, include: dockable windows – allow you to position the information you need for your analysis in your line of sight; multi-page layout viewing – if you have multiple pages in your layout, you can view and edit them all on the same page (considerably speeding up batch analysis); Layout, Data and Gate Navigators – great for navigating and organizing all the plots, files and gate information in your layout (very helpful when you have many plots, data files and/or pages in your layout); Data Grid – for each event (cell) in a given file it will list the fluorescence values for all parameters (ie. FSC, SSC, FITC, PE, Time…) associated with the data file, as well as any gates the cell is contained within in the layout; Heat Maps – great for evaluating and visualizing plate-based flow data (ie. 96-well intracellular cytokine and high-throughput assays). There are too many valuable new features to list here and I encourage new and veteran flow users, whether involved in clinical, basic or translational research, to give FCS Version 4 a test drive."
- C. Mac Trubey
Head, Cellular Immunity Core Laboratory

"I have been a long-time user of FCS Express and look forward eagerly to each new version. FCS Express is the most intuitive flow cytometry analysis package that I have ever used, and Version 4 is an improvement in all respects. The new look is very appealing, with virtually all of the important controls only a click or two away. Through the use of pre-formatted arrays of plots, it is even faster and easier to set up templates. Management of the data lists is both powerful and easy, and led me to routinely use the panel feature which is something I did not do in Version 3. All of the display formats have been improved, offering greater flexibility and more attractive displays. Bi-exponential plots can be generated with the optional default settings that require little to no additional tweaking. I love that adjusting compensation does not alter the file and is applied to the raw data quickly and seamlessly. By no longer imbedding the new compensation matrix within the file, all file attributes are preserved, so that data can be searched for and organized easily by date of acquisition. Batch processing, long a strong point of FCS Express, remains extraordinarily easy to implement and is the most powerful on the market. I particularly appreciate the feature that allows the batch procedure to be interrupted at any time without loss of data. Altogether, Version 4 of FCS Express has made my analysis more thorough and efficient."
- Eric Sobel
Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology & Clinical Immunology, University of Florida


FCS Express 3

I just wanted to write and thank you for your program. Whomever the designers and coders are for this program, I would give a medal to if I could. I just downloaded the trial today and will be buying it this week. I made a figure in 2 minutes flat today without ever have opened the program before in my life. I have struggled for years with making figures from flow data that were publication quality. Somehow I only recently became aware of this program. Thank you for including the option to increase font size, no other program does that and the axis labels are always lost in the process. I have struggled with FlowJo for months, but will no longer have to go through the pains of using that program. Please give the designers of this program due praise.
- Ellen Beswick
Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Genetics and Micrbiology, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center

In 2005, Union Biometrica wanted to create an Application Note on Analysis and sorting of mouse, rat, pig and human pancreatic islets using large particle flow cytometry using their BioSorter instrument. They wanted to use a flow cytometry data analysis package like WinMDI, FCS Express or WinList. After evaluating the available products, they settled on FCS Express. Rico Bongaarts, Manager of Training and Applications says: "We chose FCS Express because it allowed us to do all statistical analysis we wanted to do and exporting to Word and PowerPoint is very easy. FCS Express is very intuitive and we have chosen to purchase a copy and distribute it with every instrument we sell in order to provide our customers with the highest quality data analysis tools.

"As Medical Director of the Flow Cytometry Laboratory of the Shands Teaching Hospital at the University of Florida, I have been involved with flow cytometric data analysis and teaching for more than 20 years. Throughout this time I have used many different software packages to analyze and display flow cytometry data. I have been using FCS Express for several years and am extremely pleased with its functionality and flexibility. No other software package is as powerful while remaining user-friendly that can be learned rapidly and intuitively. It provides a great number of options for analysis and offers multiple display possibilities. The electronic Manual and Tutorial are superb and, above all, the support available is exceptional."
- Raul Braylan
Medical Director, Flow Cytometry Laboratory of the Shands Teaching Hospital at the University of Florida

"I have finally finished the analysis of my experiment in FCS express. I took the time to read the manual and try to test all the features available. I found the program incredibly useful! I did not know if to laugh or to cry when after finishing the "untreated" set, i just hit "ctrl-alt-arrow" as needed and in 2 min had a perfect analysis for my LPS treatment. I can't believe we were so foolish to wait so long before ditching the software that came with the flow cytometer."
- Uriel Trahtemberg
MD/PhD student, The Hebrew University - Hadassah Medical Organization

"I manage a flow laboratory equipped with three BD cytometers and have been using FCS Express for several years, since the release of the first version. FCS Express provides an intuitive, layout-based organizational format, allowing users to visualize plots and statistics on the same layout. I’ve used most of the flow software programs out there and find FCS Express to be at the top of my list for several reasons, one of which being it can be used to analyze many different types of flow data. FCS Express has most of the features found in the more expensive commercial software programs and costs a fraction of the price. There are also some features in FCS Express that are not found in other programs as well as some features that function better, such as the Undo feature – which I find to be very useful when editing plots. The programmers keep the software up to date and quickly fix any problems/bugs, and the customer service and technical support staff are very knowledgeable and helpful (although I have had to contact them only a couple times over the years). Overall, I highly recommend FCS Express to both new and veteran flow users."
- C. Mac Trubey
Manager, FACS Laboratory

"When I started using flow cytometry 4 years ago, I searched for a usable, affordable, PC-based analysis program. I looked at many programs and FCS Express (Version 1.0) came out on top. Over the past 4 years, I have continued to evaluate FACS software packages, FCS Express continues to be full-featured, flexible, and user-friendly, at an affordable price. If that isn't enough, De Novo Software's tech support is incredible; in addition to fast and friendly technical support, the team at FCS Express listens to its users' suggestions and works hard to integrate those ideas to improve the product. I can't say enough good things about the program and the people who work on it, and I recommend the program to everyone who asks how I work up my data."
- Lisa Kohli
Laboratory Technician, Indiana University

"Having approximately 60 users, who vary from novice to expert we needed an analysis package that can cater for a wide range of competency. FCS Express does this , it is well suited for a first time user as well as complicated analysis by the more experienced. The ability of the “networked version” to run the program from the server allows us to make the program available throughout the entire institute , ensuring everyone has access to a flow analysis package. To “end users” the ability to export directly into PowerPoint is a substantial benefit as are the other many other features ,eg, file list, multiple pages, legends in overlayed histograms, etc. The different versions of the program that are available is also a good feature, ie, the inexpensive “Lite version” which is good for home use, through to the standalone and the networked versions. The support provided by “De Novo Software” has been excellent, they have shown a willingness to listen to the users' needs, in fact they have been “pro active“ in this respect, also they respond to these needs in an appropriate time. There is also an “on line” forum . This support denotes a company that is continually improving what they provide and is willing to communicate directly with users."
- Ralph Rossi
Manager Flow Facility

"Since its release, FCS Express 2 has become an indispensable tool for analysis of flow cytometry data in my laboratory. Version 3 has only enhanced an already strong program. Its interactive batch processing capabilities are both intuitive and extremely flexible. I particularly appreciate the ability to track any keyword or statistical parameter and to place these into Excel spreadsheets with custom labels. Entire layouts can be fully annotated and easily exported to Powerpoint files during batch processing. I have found this to be an enormous benefit when rechecking the quality and consistency of my data over time. Version 3 has an even more professional look and feel.  There are more options for two-color displays, and even more versatility for data analysis.  The attributes of multiple plots can now be changed with a few clicks of keystrokes.  The price remains lower than other flow cytometry analytical programs, and support has always been outstanding. This will continue to be my flow cytometry program of choice."
- Eric Sobel
Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology & Clinical Immunology, University of Florida

"The most important quality of the program is its evolution. The program is constantly being expanded, modified and refined to make it more convenient and easy to use. What made this program stand out over others is the immediate responses from the staff, and the frequent updates that take into consideration the users' feedback. I can't think of any other software company that does this."
- Deniz Top
PhD student,Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Dalhousie University

“I have been processing flow cytometry data since the days of Polaroid capture of the oscilloscope traces. Having tested just about every major platform available, I am confident that De Novo Software has the product that truly outperforms the rest. FCS Express V3 combines exceptional flexibility in data analysis with unparalleled ease of use. We routinely perform batch processing with exports to Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint. Appending header information to a statistics result has made data processing fast and simple.  Exported results can now be queried, filtered, sorted and summarized to generate experimental tables that make sense. The graphics are publication quality and are infinitely configurable to meet electronic submission requirements of most major journals. Installing the software on our network allows multiple users to share templates and eliminates the maintenance of multiple stand alone versions with every release. Every flow laboratory has a software wizard that can process flow data but now every member of my laboratory is a flow data processing wizard!
- David DiGiusto Ph.D. 
Director of Analytical Cytometry, Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope National Medical Center

At the Institute for Animal Health, Compton, between 40 & 50 flow operators use FCS Express V2 Professional Network installation. This has proven to be an extremely economical solution to our data analysis requirements. The Institute generates large numbers of samples so efficient batch processing is critical – the ability to print/save layouts, save statistics to Excel and create presentation quality output straight into PowerPoint has boosted productivity enormously. Technical support is excellent and the software development team are very keen to react to customer’s requirements.
- Paul Sopp
Division of Immunology and Pathology, Institute for Animal Health, Compton, UK

"FCS Express allows for the rapid analysis of flow data in a very customizable environment.  With programmable statistics reporting and very flexible plot duplication features, that include reading data from sequential fcs files, large experiments can be gated, plotted and analyzed in a printable format with very few steps. You won't have to set aside big chunks of your day to analyze flow data.
- Marc Gavin
Assistant Professor, Dept of Immunology, University of Washington, Seattle.

"The web site gave me the option of downloading at the end of the order. I did that and was fully impressed that the program loaded, went to the web and installed itself promptly. ... You ought to license this installation process out! It seems pretty darn dummy proof."
- Louis King, Ph.D.
Manager Flow Cytometry Core, Research Technology Support Facility, Michigan State University

I think the tutorials are really helpful. They are a very efficient way for me to learn how to use this software! thanks again!
- Shuqiong (Sue) Niu, Ph.D.
Postdoc at the Artificial Organ Lab, University of Maryland