Publishing in FCS Express

More Testimonials

“the ability to print/save layouts, save statistics to Excel and create presentation quality output straight into PowerPoint has boosted productivity enormously. ”

- Paul Sopp
Division of Immunology and Pathology, Institute for Animal Health, Compton, UK

De Novo Software is proud to provide Publishing, a unique way of sharing your flow cytometry analyses.

  • Publish from your licensed copy of FCS Express
  • Store published analyses on our publishing server, for free, or on you own site
  • Distribute the link to your published analysis to colleagues, students, customers, or anyone in the world!

  • Absolutely free
  • Load any published layout
  • Full analysis capabilities (modify gates, add plots, change compensation etc.)
  • Upgrade at any time to a licensed version

Publishing is simple

In order to publish a layout to the internet, simply select File tab->Collaborate-> Publish. A easy-to-use wizard will guide you through the process and in a few seconds you will have a URL that you can distribute to anyone in the world. Then they can use the free FCS Express reader to view and modify your analysis.

Published Layout Examples

To open and modify these layouts, click on the picture of the analysis. You must have the free FCS Express Reader installed in order to view the analysis.
Flow Cytometry Immunophenotyping Report
Authors: Tom Sawyer, Karen Domenico, University of Toledo Medical Center
(~5 Mb)
Dendritic Cell Subset Analysis
Author: Raymond Moniz, UCLA
(~6 Mb)

larger image
Lymphocyte Enumeration
Author: Tanya Tolmachoff, De Novo Software
(~0.3 Mb)
CD34 Enumeration
Author: Daniel Marmer, Cincinnati Childrens Hospital
(~3 Mb)
Lymphocyte Enumeration
larger image
CD34 Quantitation
larger image
Evolution of CCR7 Expression on LPS Treated Dendritic Cells
Author: Uriel Trahtemberg, Hebrew University
(~4.5 Mb)
Mature B Cell Clinical Panel
Author: John Carey, Henry Ford Hospital
(~0.5 Mb)

larger image
Mature B Cell
larger image

Why would I publish my analysis?

Are you a teacher?

  • Provide your students with ready-made analyses, and let them focus on just the specific things you want to teach.
  • Because FCS Express is a full presentation software, you can embed instructions, lines, arrows and many other visual tools to allow students to understand your lesson.
  • Let them save changes in the layouts, and then students can send the modified layouts to you for review.
  • Provide the Reader for any number of students for free - you only need one license for publishing.

Do you work in a clinical lab?

  • Finally, you can provide full, unlimited Virtual Flow for your clients.

Are you a researcher?

  • Give people access to your entire, live analysis, not just an image of it.
  • Consult with colleagues around the world, on mailing lists or forums, and no one needs to purchase any new software to see or understand your questions.

Are you an author/publisher?

  • Distribute layouts with a book, on a cd in the book or on your website, and the examples and tutorials will come alive.

Are you a vendor?

  • You can publish examples of your reagents so that your customers can see what they really look like.
  • Publishing allows your potential customers to interact with your data examples, move any gates, check for nonspecific binding, etc. without the need for product sampling.
  • Customers with FCS Express can publish layouts for you to view to assist them with technical questions or troubleshooting.

After I publish, will my data be safe? Can other people see private information?

  • When dealing with HIPAA or other requirements for anonymity, you have the need to protect patient information. FCS Express allows you to remove or change keywords in your data files, which is where the sensitive information is stored, before publishing.
  • Also, after your layout is published, FCS Express will not let anyone export the raw data, unless you give explicit permission during the publishing process (using the advanced publisher).
  • All information stored in an FCS Express layout is secure and encrypted, and cannot be extracted without using FCS Express

When other people are looking at my published analysis, what can they do with it?

  • With the Standard Publisher, and the Free Reader, when people look at your analysis, they will be able to use the vast majority of functionality of FCS Express. These include moving gates, modifying existing and adding new plot,  printing to PDF, to Powerpoint, viewing statistics. The primary limitation is that they cannot change to another set of data aside from what was published in the layout. A full list of the allowed actions is available in the FCS Express Manual.
  • With the Advanced Publisher, you will have the ability to let them perform either more actions or fewer actions - it's entirely up to you. We have hundreds of security permissions to give you fine grained control of what the user can, and cannot, do. You can even selectively remove sensitive .fcs file keywords using our new Keywords Anonymizer.

When I publish my layouts, where do they get published to?

To one of two places:
  1. The De Novo Software Publishing Site. When you publish to here, you have 10 megabytes of storage available for free. (Plans for purchasing more space are also available)
  2. Any location you choose, on your own hard drive, network, or your own web site. This option is available when you choose the advanced publisher.

What are the limitations of the Free FCS Express Reader?

The reader limitations are described here.