About Image Cytometry

The Power of Image Cytometry

Imaging adds detailed spatial context to the power of flow cytometry, and is a highly complimentary technique. Image cytometry enables multiple parameters to be measured for many individual cells.

Multi-parametric data is derived by applying powerful image segmentation and feature extraction algorithms to raw images of cells. The option to analyze images more than once means even more data can be generated from imaging than in a flow cytometry experiment.

With a vast array of fluorescent probes, fluorescent proteins, and other stains available, imaging generates highly informative data. Typically, a grayscale image is acquired for each probe and often bright field images are captured to observe the probes in the context of general cell morphology. Measuring the spatial distribution, intensities of markers on cells, as well general morphological qualities generates multiple parameters for each cell. Image cytometry also allows for measuring the changes in the same cells over time, providing rich kinetic data.


Image Processing and Multiparametric Data Generation

Object Identification

Multiparametric Data

High Content Analysis

Complex analysis of multiparametric data is called High-Content Analysis (HCA). HCA is a powerful approach to understanding cell behavior and disease. Many instrument platforms and software packages focus on image acquisition and segmentation analysis. When systems are used for screening libraries of compounds, this is called High Content Screening (HCS). HCS systems generate beautiful images and rich derived feature data. However, there is currently a need to improve tools for HCA and results reporting for all image acquisition systems.


High Content Cell Cycle Analysis With Image Data

While commonly measured with Flow Cytometry, the cell cycle can be studied with image cytometry as well. Multiple parameters are measures for nuclear size and content and other markers for cell cycle can be utilized. This type of data, along with images can be reviewed in FCS Express Image Cytometry.


FCS Express Image Cytometry Will Improve Your Image Cytometry

Following image acquisition and segmentation analysis, FCS Express allows you to perform sophisticated cytometry data analysis, optimize assays, plot, gate, filter, and seamlessly go back and forth between the features and original images or individual cells.

FCS Express Image Cytometry automates timeconsuming analysis and report generation. FCS Express enables unparalleled data mining, quick location of cellular subpopulations within a single image or across multiple images, and the creation of gates on images and 1D- and 2D-plots.

Seeing is Believing

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