Welcome to FCS Express 6 RUO Edition

FCS Express is an analysis tool for flow and image cytometry data. FCS Express gives customers the ability to graphically display data generated by any flow cytometer that adheres to the FCS standard.  For image data, FCS Express supports a large and growing number of formats.These graphical displays consist of many types of plots, including one-dimensional histograms, and two-dimensional scatter, contour and density plots, and image galleries, among others.


When loading the data, FCS Express reads numerical values for each parameter as well as descriptive information about the parameters, and can display either type of information at any time. In order to display the numerical values, the values can be binned to display in plots with smaller resolutions, or displayed as is. Sub-populations (known as gates) can be defined using graphical means, and used to create further displays.


In addition to the graphical display, FCS Express calculates descriptive statistics based on the original data, as well as any combinations of statistics and operations that the customer creates.


These statistics can be displayed alongside the graphs in tables or embedded in text annotations.


As well as being displayed on the screen, the graphs and statistics can be exported to many types of formats, including text files, Excel, Word, and many image formats, and even custom formats for better integration with customers' existing information storage systems.




This manual applies to FCS Express 6.06.0014.