Creating a Gate from a Marker

We will continue using the same layout we were using above in the previous section.

To create a Gate from a Marker on a 1D plot:

1.Press the Page 2 tab from the Layout Navigation Toolbar (lower left of the window). You will see a blank histogram and dot plot on that page.
2.Select both the histogram and the 2D plot contained in this page by pressing Ctrl+A on your keyboard
3.Select the Data→Change Data on Selection→Select command to insert a data file into the plot (Figure T3.4).
4. Select the ApoMono.002 FCS file located in the Tutorial Sample Data archive.
5. Click Open.


The histogram should look like Figure T4.11.


Figure T4.11  Histogram with Marker

Figure T4.11  Histogram with Marker


6.Right-click on the histogram to bring up the pop-up menu.
7.Select Convert Marker to Gate→Marker #1 (M1) →Convert and Link from the pop-up menu (Figure T4.12).


Create the marker gate on this histogram.


Figure T4.12 Convert Marker to Gate

A dialog will appear asking you to name the gate.

8. Enter "Marker Gate" in the Create a new gate named edit field.
9.Press OK to accept the name.


The gate is now linked to the marker because we selected Convert and link above. This means that whenever we move the marker, the gate will also move to reflect the new marker position.


Note you can track gate creation and hierarchy through the Gate View.:

To open a Gate View object:

10. Select the Gate View button in the Insert bar (Figure T4.12)


Figure T4.12 Inserting a Gate View Object

11. Click the left mouse button on the layout wherever you want to insert the Gate View object
10. The Gate View appear (Note the presence of the new "Marker gate" gate)
Figure T4.13 Example of Gate View

Figure T4.13 Example of Gate View



In the next section, we will create a gate from a quadrant.