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FCS Express in the Core Facility Setting – Why are core facilities suddenly offering FCS Express or “making the switch”?
Wednesday April 4th 1 pm Eastern Time (60 Minutes)
Presented by - David Novo, Dr. Rui Gardner, Dr. Christopher Bare, and Dr. David Haviland

With the release of FCS Express 6 many core facilities around the country have begun to add FCS Express Site Licenses to their data analysis tool box and offerings to researchers. In many cases, FCS Express usage has surmounted usage of other competing software packages when it has been offered with some core facilities completely making the switch and discontinuing previous site license offerings from competitors. 

While every core facility may have a different reason for adding FCS Express or “making the switch” altogether, most can agree that FCS Express helps facilitate researchers GET RESULTS. Results, coupled with Mac and PC cross compatibility, flexible licensing, and an excellent support infrastructure is what has made FCS Express a new must have tool of choice. 

In this webinar, three leaders in the field of Flow Cytometry will discuss how offering FCS Express or “making the switch” has impacted their core facilities and researchers. Dr. Rui Gardner from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer, Dr. Christopher Bare from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and Dr. David Haviland from Houston Methodist will lend their experiences with offering FCS Express to their researchers and be available to answer questions from other core managers, institutional heads and researchers who have recently heard about FCS Express and are curious about implementing the software at their institution. 

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New File Merging and Concatenation Tools in FCS Express
Monday April 2nd 1 pm Eastern Time (60 Minutes)
Presented by - Rafael Amaro-Gomez

FCS Express allows users to merge / concatenate multiple data files for a number of uses. New to the latest free update in FCS Express 6 is the ability to simply multiple select data files to "virtually" merge / concatenate them on the fly. The new file merging functionality will allow users to more easily combine data files, work with multiple tubes not acquired in a plate within a virtual plate format, and other exciting possibilities for data transformations such as tSNE and SPADE. 

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New Batch Processing Features and Functionality in FCS Express 6
Tuesday April 3rd 1 pm Eastern Time (60 Minutes)
Presented by - Kaya Ghosh

FCS Express V6 offers new options in the Batch Process to visually tailor your results according to your preferences. You can compress your plots and statistics onto fewer PDF pages or PowerPoint slides, choose to export only portions of your layout in summary form, and more. Please join us to see how to use these convenient new options for Batch Processing.

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Index Sorting Data Analysis with FCS Express - Single Cells with a Single Click
Thursday April 5th 1 pm Eastern Time (60 Minutes)
Presented by - Sarah Schuett

Index sorting allows researchers to review the complete phenotype of every single event sorted into a plate and associate that event with all sorted and non sorted events. The latest free FCS Express 6 update allows for analysis and reporting of index sorting data using Heat Maps "at a click" along with the standard plot offerings. 

Join us on this webinar to learn about the new Index Sorting functionality in FCS Express for use with data sets acquired on the Influx, Summit Software, Diva, and Chorus instruments/software. 

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Transformation Tools - tSNE, SPADE, Cluster Analysis, and more in FCS Express 6
Friday April 6th 1 pm Eastern Time (60 Minutes)
Presented by - Andrea Valle

Data Transformations in FCS Express 6 allow you to run advanced algorithms such as tSNE, k-means clustering, principal component analysis (PCA) and SPADE on your data, as well as allow you to directly integrate your own R-scripts. Transformations tools are built directly into FCS Express 6 with an easy to use interface and drag and drop capability. Moreover, transformation result can be directly used within the FCS Express 6 for further downstream analysis.

This webinar will focus on showing new and advanced users how to implement data transformations in FCS Express without having to rely on R or other software plugins.

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Site License and Internet Dongle User Management - New Online Registration Tools
Wednesday April 11th 1 pm Eastern Time (30 Minutes)
Presented by - Sean Burke

Flow Cytometry is hard enough, managing users on your site license and internet dongle licenses should be easy! Join us for a webinar to learn how to easily manage internet dongle and site license users. 
A new online registration tool for users available in the latest free update to FCS Express 6 will be covered. Simply send users to a web page for self registration. 

Join us for this webinar to learn how to make managing users and licenses even more efficient with FCS Express.

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Analyzing Multiplex Bead Array Data with FCS Express
Thursday April 12th 1 pm Eastern Time (60 Minutes)
Presented by - Kaya Ghosh

Bead capture flow cytometric assays are an attractive, time-saving alternative to traditional plate-bound ELISAs for the detection of soluble analytes. But many times, that time-savings is negated by spending unnecessary hours analyzing that data in a suite of flow, spreadsheet, and statistical software. Join us in this webinar to learn how you can perform a full analysis of this data, self-contained within FCS Express. We’ll learn how to set up a multiplex analysis using Integrated Spreadsheets and Scatter with Regression Plots in mere minutes, and to reuse this as a template for future experiments.

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